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Let’s know what is 50-50 CF / Helping MLM Plan

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50-50 CF (50-50 Crowd Funding) Plan is the latest and most demanding crowd-funding / Helping MLM Plan that provides you an opportunity to receive 50% of donation amount from your downline members. 50-50 CF Plan is based on the world famous Mobius Loop and is the most successful Peer-To-Peer Team Crowd-funding / Helping MLM Plan in the history.

50-50 CF / Helping Plan is a team crowd-funding plan that provides both help from above and below and you can receive donations just seconds after registering, & it involves just three simple steps :

  • 1. Register
  • 2. Help 2 People Become Active Donors
  • 3. They Help 2 people to become an Active Donors

50-50 CF / Helping MLM Plan is based on a 2x2 MLM matrix. You have to join at a certain level, so that you are qualified to earn commissions on that level. If the program cycles and you are not qualified for that level, the commission will pass-up to the next qualified person above you.

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